The world is built on words. The most powerful innovations change how we communicate, reshaping speech and society.

Thousands of years ago, the revolution of writing ended the age of oral culture. But writing had a limited reach. Few could read, let alone afford books. Five-hundred years ago, Gutenberg’s printing press disrupted medieval Europe and made the written word affordable and accessible. The Gutenberg galaxy shaped the modern world, shifting the center of gravity from speech to text. 

As language evolved, so did education. Print culture created a wealth of knowledge that spread through pamphlets, books, and journals. Education transformed, adapting to writing, not speaking, as the medium of ideas. Thirty years after the rise of the World Wide Web, our educational institutions still linger in the Gutenberg age. 

Podcasters and their listeners know better—deep down, we all do. We live in a new Audio Age, and the smartphone is its icon. Parents tell stories to their children across continents. Activists call communities to action. Professors ride with you on your commute and debate the big ideas of the day. Our problem now is not information, but access: finding teachers to learn from, peers to learn with, and students to teach. 

We need new technologies of knowledge to catalyze a global community of learning. What if the world’s best teachers, from yogis to Yale professors, were brought together in a common space—a new world of learning at the tip of your fingers? 

Lyceum revives an ancient idea of educating through freely created communities, filled with lovers of learning. We are creating a space in which educational podcasters and their listeners can gather in interactive communities on the same platform they use to listen. We are bringing teachers and learners together in person through Lyceum Chapters. We are empowering educators to open their classrooms to the world and making it easy for listeners to pay the podcasters they love. Together, we are curating the cosmos of knowledge.

Welcome to Lyceum.