Lyceum is an audio platform for the curious and creative to listen, learn, and connect. We seek to create a new culture of learning for the audio age by providing access to the best educational shows, discussion tools to spark great conversations, and easy ways to support the shows you love. We want to feed the human hunger for ideas that help us live well and use technology to enhance human community and education. 


Galen Beebe, Executive Producer

Ray Belli, Podcaster Relations

Zachary Davis, President

Liza French, Intern

Morgan Jaffe, Curriculum

Scarlett Jiang, Product

Erik Jones, Curation

Adela Mizrachi, Community

Jordan Petersen, Partnerships

Jack Pombriant, Associate Producer

Jenna Spinelle, University Relations

Laura Taronas, Operations

Bob Xu, Product

Jenny Zha, Marketing

Julia Zhang, Growth